You found 5, now what?

The club members should then read the Rotaract club by-laws and they can vote with a majority to amend them with the intent to fit the needs of the club after the club has been officially formed.

The next step is to have all members create their own My Rotary account. Each year the club president must update the club information to remain an active club.

They must then complete and sign the Rotaract Club certification form. (download here)

This form must also be signed by the district governor and the president(s) of any sponsoring Rotary or Rotaract club(s). As of 2020, Rotaract clubs can sponsor other Rotaract clubs.

The certification must be emailed to [email protected] once completed. A one-time fee of fifty dollars will no longer be required for any clubs chartering July 1, 2022 or later. This is due to the start of Rotaract clubs paying dues to Rotary International.

Rotaract District 5240